Reading Is
Now Fun!

A program designed for 5 to 8 years children, learn to read and love to read. Step-by–step introduction of sounds through stories will make the child understand the concept of blending sounds in a very easy way. The stories inspire them and develop them into independent readers. The decodable text and repetitive sight or high frequency word introduction in the story while reading, will develop their fluency level. Children are born with a love of learning. When we give them high-quality books that intrigue and challenge, we empower them to pursue their natural curiosity and discover their interests. As students build a strong foundation in reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, they develop a confidence in themselves that ensures lifelong learners emerge. Dino Pro Reading is differentiated by design to offer research-based literacy instruction, support teachers in developing a culture of learning and growth, and help all learners believe in the power of "I can."

Spreads The Love
For Reading

Does your child refuse to sit down to read a book, plays hide-and-seek during the reading hour, and considers reading to be a bitter pill?
How do we make the process of reading sound fun?
Our Dino Pro Reading module builds independent reading champs through activity-based learning and develops critical decoding skills through word blending, segmenting, and manipulation Reading then becomes a child's play


Foundational Stage

The child will confidently read short stories on completion of this program

32 Week Program
(2 hours of Live Classes per week)

Course Content:

  • Studying letter & Sound relationship
  • Practice building three & four-letter words
  • Read short stories under the guidance of a teacher
  • Solve worksheets and participate in craft-based activities that will go hand in hand with the story for a deeper understanding


Reading - Intermediate Writing - Beginner

Master reading challenging stories with modulation based on the punctuation, focusing more on the meaning of the sentences in the context; understanding the context of the story and writing short passages; creating short meaningful sentences with punctuations on course completion.

32 Week Program
(2 hours of Live Classes per week)

Course Content:

  • Understanding the reading modulations for the corresponding punctuations, primarily use of capitalisation, comma and full stop will be on more emphasis.
  • Learn the purpose for each punctuation used
  • Decode sounds
  • Children will have great improvement in understanding the story and usage of vocabulary
  • Use the knowledge of letter-sound relationships including the letter patterns to correctly pronounce difficult words quickly and even help in reading unknown words
  • Increase vocabulary and word power by reading passages
  • Practice the following things under the guidance of the teacher:
    • Blending two consonants
    • Usage of magical ‘e’ digraph
    • Sentence patterns
    • Sentence formation


Power Reading
Writing - Intermediate

Child will confidently read any children's storybook; review, analyse and investigate its components; write their own version by modifying the original story on the completion of this program

32 Week Program
(2 hours of Live Classes per week)

Course Content:

  • Comfortable & confident reading pace with any book that they come across
  • Learn to extract the knowledge gained from a reading book
  • Introduction of ‘exception’ in each rule
  • Master the usage of the prefix by practising through activities, worksheets, stories and flashcards for flawless reading
  • Children will review every book that they read
  • Investigate a story plot from -
    • Changing characters
    • Story settings
    • Theme
    • Changing the voice of the characters
    • Framing a solution and coming out with an outcome for the problem dealt or the challenges faced by the protagonist
  • Encouraging them to build their own version of the story by modifying the original story

Level-4 - Super Sid

Strategic Reading
Story Writing - Beginner

Children evolve into independent learners reflecting on what they have read - from assessing the story's theme, context, storyline to building their own story from scratch on course completion

32 Week Program
(2 hours of Live Classes per week)

Course Content:

  • Inculcate the strategic reading and comprehension skills helping them to focus their attention on the main parts of the texts
  • Ability to outline the content of the text to rephrase passages
  • Draw inferences from the content through a process of self-questioning the events in the story
  • Practice the habit of using a dictionary to look up for meanings of difficult words from the passage
  • Learn to mentally summarise the key ideas of the text
  • Compare & contrast different genres
  • Differentiate between fictional and non-fictional writing
  • Introduction to poetic writing styles & begin to frame a poem of their own
  • Perform content research to develop the key ideas with additional information
  • Conscious decision-making skills of understanding the situations of implementing different strategies

Dino Pro Reader - Final Level

Master Level

To develop creative writing skills, fluid flow of content structuring with coherence; building spontaneous spoken & advanced linguistic abilities on program completion.

32 Week Program (2 hours of Live Classes per week)

Course Content:

  • Focus on reading, comprehending, writing narrative and informational text of increasing complexity

  • Building oral fluency with an ability to tackle impromptu speaking events like Just-A-Minute (JAM) where kids will be put into a timer to speak continuously on a topic for a minute

  • Consistent in-classroom practice tasks to encourage children to think and express their opinion on any given topic through extempores

  • Build an ability to speak for a topic with supporting points and to speak against the topic with opposing views is taught in the structure of a debating style

  • Expand their imaginative space by making them think creatively on a few fictitious plots and imaginary plotlines

  • General structures for different essay types and poetic devices

  • Practice writing poems based on rhyme schemes

  • Learn to write a passage describing an event through strategies of descriptive writing style

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