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Teaching Methology

Our Pre-KG, LKG & UKG currently follow the online schooling mode keeping the safety of our students in mind & our Dino Pro Reading Program is completely online for kids between 5 to 8 years of age

Our Creative Learning Space & Vibrant Energy


At Dino Kids we aim to offer a caring, lively and happy environment for children in which they can feel secure. They are encouraged to develop their confidence and individuality  as they adapt themselves to the wider world by becoming members of a group that play, work and learn together.

We have a well defined student to classroom mentor ratio because we strictly believe that every child’s need has to be understood, analysed for key skills and provided the right “learn as you play” environment.

Our trained teachers have an understanding of the emotional and educational needs of small children. In addition to the regular staff team we also have specialist teachers for music, dance, sport and karate. Our staff, be it teachers or helpers are trained as mentors to guide the child in every walk of their day to day life.

The campus is truly of International standards. The mentors and the management at Dino Kids are not just the learning environment providers but they are the people who love to work with children to develop their creativity and nurture the child with the right values to become a valued citizen of our country. 

How different are we?

At Dinokids, we believe that children are ready, able and eager to learn. Since child development is not an automatic process and since every child is unique we at Dinokids provide the opportunities, positive relationships and the enabling environments. We aim to encourage the children to arrive each day full of eagerness and anticipation and to leave with a sense of achievement and pleasure. We present learning opportunities in a stimulating, diverse and fun way. Children leave us motivated to learn, curious to find out, feeling confident and well prepared for the next stage of their education.

Our Aim

explore, identify and develop the unique potentials

The MISSION of Dinokids is to explore, identify and develop the unique potential in each child and to impart the essential knowledge to nurture the child into a sensible and responsible human being.

Our Mission

fun, creative and productive

At Dinokids, we believe that learning for kids should be fun, creative and productive. We believe that every child is different; hence our teaching environment is structured to provide the necessary bridge to close the differences.
Our Values

Environmental, Social & Cultural Awareness

We work alongside the parents, local community and the well wishers to portray the global changes so that our kids are geared to the ever changing needs of the society. We maintain a clean and secure environment and follow a healthy food culture in the campus so that the kids follow the same off the campus as well. We at Dinokids not only strive to produce a successful child but also a moral and ethical human being.
Our Belief

Being Adaptive, Creative, Caring, Sensible and Equal

  • Self confident in his/her activities
  • Creative in every aspect of the thought process
  • Sensible when it comes to applying theory to practice
  • Caring and showing the sense of equality being in a group

Best Learning Experience

Montessori Equipments

Montessori equipment be it tiny porcelain cups and saucers or equipment to tie laces or other materials are placed at kids eye level. Any new material that is introduced to the kids, will first be demonstrated by the teacher as to how the material should be used.

Novel Classroom

Classrooms are bright and colourful, with real plants, to simulate a child’s sense of exploration from an early stage. Walls at Dinokids hold the history in the form of documentation panels of children’s words and photos which synthesise past projects and chronicle current ones.

Relaxing Sensory Room

This room is lit with Lava lamps, neon lights and fibre optics. Such a room has a positive response which decreases the perceptions of distress in kids.

Quiet Library Corner

An opportunity to come in contact with books; encouraging them to read. By the end of UKG, the kids themselves will pick up a book and read.

Tailored Strategy To
Meet Your Goals And Needs

Sand Pit

Sterilised sand is used and all efforts will be taken to keep it sterilised. An area where kids can play in sand and build sandcastles; use toy trucks, shovels, and buckets to move the sand around; dig holes and bury objects. The sand provides a medium in which children can pretend to explore, construct, and destroy the world in three dimensions. This helps build their creativity.

Role Plays

A full-range kitchen play sets encourage kids to work alongside other kids, sharing resources and bringing out say a well prepared table. Similarly a shopping cart, where a child can go shopping , picking fruits or vegetables or other groceries promotes imagination and role play. A generously sized basket and easy rolling wheels keep the emphasis on constructive play.

Ball Pit Area

Ball pits are great active play toys for children and are well known for their therapeutic effects on special needs individuals of all ages. The brightly colored balls provide sensory stimuli (visual, auditory, tactile), massage the entire body, offer buoyant support and deep-pressure sensation, encourage relaxation, strengthen sensorimotor skills, and build confidence and social skills with our active play ball pits.

Painting Corner

A creative corner that portrays our kid's lovely art work where art and imagination runs across our space providing a space to express their thoughts and ideas throught paintings. Creative art boosts the children's ability to think differently, explore and builds their confidence to translate ideas into art.

Baking Corner

The kids get to do real cooking and take home proudly the cookie or other baked items and can relish it with the thought of having made it all themselves. Baking is a skill that requires the understanding of procedural addition of ingredients, following procedures and techniques of mixing ingredients with care. This activity helps develop the child's ability to measure the ingredients and listen to inputs.

Gardening Provision

Gardening createsa special interest on fruits and vegetables as the kids understand their source and origin of grow. They also tend to respect the nature and would follow the same practice of growing plant at home too. Kids also gain immense satisfaction from the harvest, making them appreciatiate the food that they eat on a daily basis. Gardening is a great way of connecting with the nature.

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“An Excellent Play school and Nursery in Coimbatore.”

My son Saimourya got enrolled at Dino kids in his LKG. We believe that the fundamentals have to be strong for the child to grow into a loving, caring and a confident individual. We are extremely happy and the outcome is beyond our expectation. We are amazed to see a kindergartener reading fluently and writing without memorising the spellings.
- Saranyaa Manoj

“They set high academic standards.”

Excellent, great team, very supportive. I had my niece who attend this school. I love to hear her talk about her day to day activities every single day. I am so happy with this school as they set high academic standards.
- Sanmathi Shri K

“They set a solid foundation developing a true love for learning”

My son used to be so shy around adults and other children, but not anymore. I am so happy to see the positive changes he has exhibited. I strongly recommend this school. The teachers are fantastic. I am confident we made the BEST choice for our child. Everyday we find out something new in his learning. THANK YOU DINOKIDS.
- Sujatha Vasudevan

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